Storage Vault

Custodial Storage Vault

Whilst the Orient Shipping and Storage Limited offers a full array of private storage options for our many bullion investor clients we also cater for higher frequency trading or remotely located clients who wish to take advantage of the Reserve Vault’s Custodial Bullion Storage services.

Custodial Bullion Storage is a service whereby a client’s property, be it gold, silver, platinum, gems or crypto is securely stored with the convenience of having the Reserve Vault able to access your holdings to pass on or add to the holdings to or from a third party under your direct and verified instruction. For example a client might buy an additional 50kg of silver from XYZ Bullion Company, have it shipped to the Reserve Vault, the Reserve Vault will check and receipt the goods and place into the client’s allocated storage unit. That same client might then sell 5kg of their gold to 123 Bullion Company and the Reserve Vault will remove the items and make available for secure pick up by 123 Bullion Company.

The service includes an email copy of the inventory available at any time, full All Risks insurance, 4 transactions to your holdings per quarter (a surcharge of $50 per transaction is applied in excess of this), and a certified copy of your inventory each year.

Base Custodial Charge Min. Weight (kg) for Discount Discount Rate above Min Weight
Gold 0.95% 2 0.5%
Silver 1.7% 100 1.0%
Platinum 0.95% 2 0.5%