Gold and Silver Storage

Orient Shipping and Storage Limited has many gold, silver and platinum storage clients storing their precious metals in our facility.  We offer a full range of storage option sizes including our custom made high weight capacity Bullion Locker Safe units.  We also offer the convenience of easy delivery arrangements with our local bullion company partners.

More and more people are making sizeable investments in precious metal bullion as global financial uncertainty prevails and major Governments around the world persist with aggressive debasement of fiat currencies and creation of asset bubbles. Importantly too, people are determining the importance and security of physical bullion storage as opposed to ‘paper’ ETF’s or Futures.

Precious metals bullion are one of the pre-eminent hard assets one can own.  They are also one of the few investments that have absolutely no counterparty risk.  They are no one’s liability and their value is intrinsic, not a ‘paper promise’.  It makes sense then, not to introduce unnecessary counter party risk by storing it in a financial institution, owning it through an ETF or similar ‘paper’ instrument.

Storing it at home subjects you not just to the threat of theft, it also subjects you to the risk of personal harm in a forced entry situation.  You will find too, that getting it insured is either impossible or prohibitively expensive.  If you own it in an SMSF you may also find you need to have it independently stored, insured, and audited.  Orient Shipping and Storage Limited address all of these issues and at a cost that is normally below 1% per year.  Only you hold the key and only you can get to your safe unit.  For more information on our other services see our insurance and independent audit pages.

For those wanting to trade remotely, more frequently and conveniently, our Custodial Storage option is also popular.  Under this arrangement we hold the key and take verified instructions off you to add or remove your holdings.