Diamond Storage & Gem Storage

Orient Shipping and Storage Limited specialises in storing hard assets, be that precious metals bullion, fine art or collectibles.  Diamonds and precious gems are certainly one of the oldest forms of hard assets there are and as such deserve the best of secure care. The inherent beauty of a hard asset is there is no counter party risk, they are no one’s liability. It begs the question then, why introduce the risk of storing these in a financial institution?

Orient Shipping and Storage Limited is an independent facility that provides nothing but secure storage, the title to your precious stones or metals remains unambiguously in your name. You have 2 options for secure diamond storage and other precious gems:

1. Your own safe:

Our extra small safe deposit box holds up to 2kg and costs just $530 per year.  For this you get up to $100,000 insurance included.  Should you wish to nominate a higher value for insurance this is easily and affordably arranged.  Contact us for rates and more information. With your own safe you and only you have the key to get into it so you need to be either local or willing to travel to Brisbane for any access to your safe.  If not, consider Custodial Storage…

2. Custodial Storage:

Custodial Bullion Storage is a service whereby a client’s diamonds or precious gems are securely stored with the convenience of having the Reserve Vault able to access your holdings to pass on or add to the holdings to or from a third party under your direct and verified instruction.

Ultra Secure Storage

The Reserve Vault understands the responsibility that comes with this service and has very strict and multi levelled checks in place to ensure all goods are accurately received or shipped. Unlike bullion we won’t directly handle your diamonds or gems.  We use a system of serialised tamper proof satchels, the serial number of which will correspond to that noted on your invoice or certificate. This service is particularly handy for Self Managed Super Funds for auditing reasons as well.


Reserve Vault’s insurance is underwritten by world leading insurers and we have complete and comprehensive video and audio monitoring providing Custodial Clients with the added peace of mind that their diamonds and gems are protected and tracked at every movement in this process.

All diamonds and precious gems held in our custodial service are fully insured with that cost included in the charge. This provides another cost saving to the user as they benefit from our group insurance cover.

Pricing, as follows:

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