Data Storage

In our new paperless, increasingly digital world the storage of your sensitive data is becoming more and more critical.  Cloud based solutions are convenient but are they ‘bullet proof’ when it comes to hacking and cyber attack?  Off site, high security storage allows you the ultimate peace of mind for that data you simply cannot afford to lose.

Financial accounts, legal documents, wills, title deeds, communication records, file notes, corporate governance records, archival information, the list is endless and the ramifications of not having that one file critical in a tax audit, legal proceeding, or settlement dispute because of a hardware or cloud recall failure could be devastating.

Alternatively, your invaluable data may simply be all those precious digital photos capturing a life of memories you don’t want to risk losing.

Orient Shipping and Storage Limited offers a subterranean, low fire fuel, high security environment above the 1:500 year flood level.  The subterranean location equates to a stable environment not dependent on mechanical atmosphere control.

For individuals, you have the simplest form of storage solutions in the form of your own safe deposit box.  You and only you hold the key and you enjoy 24hr monitoring and the sort of physical security only Reserve Vault offers in Queensland.

We have a vast array of safe sizes to suit your needs and budgets and starting at just $430/year you will be surprised at just how little it costs to protect your future.

For companies, you have two choices.  Firstly, you can have your own safe or safes and a number of ‘registered users’ that you can nominate and whom will be the only people accessing each safe, and only with a key held only by your company.  Alternatively we can manage your deposits and withdrawals in a custodial arrangement using a system of registered Tamper Proof Satchels and instructions protocols tailor made for your business.  What this means simply, is you can send us your data drives and devices and we can send those you request to you, securely and privately.

Contact us to see how this could work for your business.