Bitcoin & Crypto Currency Storage

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are the new kid on the monetary asset block and their performance has been astounding.  Whilst the blockchain technology underpinning them may be rock solid, the way in which you store them in your ‘wallet’ from a security point of view can vary widely.

Essentially, there are 2 options for your bitcoin storage or other crypto currency holdings – ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ wallets.

Any wallet either intermittently or permanently connected to the internet via a device (PC, smart phone, tablet etc), trading exchange, or website is called a ‘hot’ wallet and, despite all best preventions and intentions, subject to hacking or cyber-attack threats.  That may be an acceptable risk for a transactional wallet but not the safest option for longer term investment storage.

When it comes to ‘cold’ wallets you have the choice of an ‘external hardware’ wallet or a ‘paper’ wallet.  And when it comes to keeping those cold wallets away from thieves, fire and flood, again Reserve Vault has you covered.

Either of these options very easily fit within our smallest safe deposit box at just $230/year, a small price to pay for peace of mind and security.  If it’s a paper wallet you may even consider one of our $99 secure Document Wallet.

Remember too, the extra small safe deposit box has dimensions of 50x125x600mm and can hold up to 2kg in weight.  This leaves you plenty of room to store those other small precious things in your life like ‘grandmas old jewellery’, portable hard drives of irreplaceable photos or valuable backups, the list is endless.

We also work closely with our crypto currency partners offering managed bitcoin solutions, stored within our secure vault.  Such solutions may suit those unsure of how to trade and own crypto, living remotely or purchases for Self Managed Super Funds. For more information contact either of:

Modern Assets is a team of finance professionals with backgrounds in cross-border payments and proprietary trading. They specialise in cryptocurrency investing and analysis, not only managing their own company positions, but also by offering educational services designed to help individuals invest safely and profitably across different markets and exchanges.