Why Store Your Valuables in a Safety Deposit Box?

Safety deposit boxes are built specifically for the purpose of keeping valuables safe and secure. These secured boxes are often stored within individual safes held in a large vault keeping your valuables safe from natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes and reduces the risk of theft or tampering.

Within these private vault facilities, there are many layers of security that your valuables are protected by. These include individual keys to your safety deposit box, pin numbers, biometric scanning, staff, security and the structure of the vault itself - consisting of layers of reinforced concrete and steel walls.

Our safety deposit boxes are available in different sizes to accommodate for various individual needs with options available to comfortably store bullion, documents, hard drives, cryptocurrency wallets, jewellery, coin collections and more.

Each of our safe deposit boxes come with their own individual set of keys that only the owner will have possession of - these cannot be copied. Each of our safety deposit boxes also come with $10,000 of complimentary insurance cover for additional peace of mind.