YOUR VALUABLES ARE SAFE WITH US The most secure certified vault room in Europe, America, Asia and worldwide for safe deposit lockers. There’s no safer place to store your valuables than with us. All safes are located in a 60m² large vault in the basement which was built and equipped by the company Wertheim, one of the leading producers of safes in the world.

Our services

This is our most popular service for clients who desire additional privacy and safety.

Our vault room has been scientifically tested on all sides, against Core Drills (CD) and Explosives (EX) and has a ECB-S Certified Grade X (ten) CD EX.

The highest certified resistance graded vault room in Europe for safe deposit lockers

Our bespoke service allows you to store your cash, jewelry, documents, and valuables for a total peace of mind

Although our facility is protected, we offer all-risks high value contents insurance for a total peace of mind.

We offer smart solutions for your security issues. Our systems are the best to handle any perimeter protection.
Independent of banks and government institutions, with access to your valuables 6 days a week, with flexible hours to suit your needs. Anneburns Security and Shipping Company is the most convenient way to store everything from bullion to documents, jewellery, hard drives and irreplaceable possessions. mission focuses on providing secure safety deposit box solutions to provide our clients unrivalled service, security and privacy. Independent of the banking system, Anneburns Security and Shipping Company offers the most convenient way to store everything from bullion to documents, jewellery, hard drives and other valuables.
  • Master key systems
  • High security cylinders
  • Changing and rekeying locks
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Fast lock out service
  • Installation and repair of locks
  • Window locks
  • Deadlocks & Padlocks
Services overview

We offer fast, professional and exceptional Service Anneburns Security and Shipping Company Safe Deposit, first leading state of the art secure storage and safe deposit box service established since 2013

At Anneburns Security and Shipping Company we are proud to offer secure storage in the highest graded certified vault in Europe, America, Asia and Africa  unmatched security and discreet service to our clients.


Why Store Your Valuables in a Safety Deposit Box?

Our Secure Storage Solutions


Bullion Storage

Safeguard your future with one of our safety deposit boxes, or our bullion safes which can hold up to 250kg of bullion. Our cutting-edge, independently owned private vault facility seamlessly incorporates innovative technology with fortified infrastructure for your complete peace of mind.


Jewellery Storage

Safeguard your jewellery and family heirlooms with one of our safety deposit boxes. Our strategic location in Brisbane provides easy access to your possessions, whether you’re storing personal pieces and effects or B2B supplies such as gold, silver or precious stones.


Cold Data & Cryptocurrency Storage

Secure your data or cryptocurrency offline with our safety deposit box solutions. Our purpose-built facility allows for the secure storage of all data sources, whether it is cryptocurrency, a digital contract or any other inactive data. Find out more on how you can store your data with Imperial Vaults.


Document Storage

Keep your important documents safe from theft, fire or floods in our private vault facility. Our safety deposit box solutions are designed to store a range of documents including wills, birth certificates, private records, contracts, agreements and more.


Coin & Banknote Storage

Whether you have an extensive coin and banknote collection or a few collectable pieces, keep your numismatic collection safe and secure with one of our affordable safety deposit boxes from less than $90 per week.


Other Valuables Storage

Protect your most treasured and highly valued items from loss or damage with one of our cost-effective safety deposit boxes in Brisbane. Our vault facility is located in a discreet yet secure and easily accessible location for your convenience.